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Loving the way He loves, and teaching the way He intended us

to teach, through Him.

Kingdom Kids Preschool

About Kingdom Kids

First Baptist Church of Dublin saw the need and desire for a God-centered childcare center in Dublin, Texas, 12 years before the opening of Kingdom Kids Preschool in 2016. With the power of prayer and faithful giving through the congregation of First Baptist Church of Dublin, this dream was able to come to fruition.

The priority of Kingdom Kids Preschool is for every child to be loved, and feel loved. We want every child and parent to feel that Kingdom Kids Preschool is a place for his or her child to feel safe, and to learn in a number of ways. Positive interaction is imperative for children to thrive and survive. Our staff will provide each child an experience that nurtures their self-esteem, establishes a sense of belonging, and develops a loving relationship.  

Our educational curriculum will heighten and build upon children’s prior knowledge through classroom enrichment opportunities and developed age appropriate lesson plans. Learning begins with infants; each classroom will have specific milestones to work towards and achieve. 

Our Classrooms

We have four different classrooms based on your child's age.

  • Infant room (newborn - 18 months)

  • Toddler room (18 months- three years old)

  • Young Minds room(18 months - three years old; working towards toilet training)

  • Preschool room (three years old - four years old)

  • After School Program (five years old - eleven years old)

We also have a huge outdoor play area! 


Our outdoor play area consists of two separately fenced areas. One area we refer to as the “Bike Alley." In this area, children can ride bikes and use sidewalk chalk, etc. Our playground area is where children can allow their imaginations to roam free, with venues for self-expression and pretend play.

Bike Alley FBC Dublin
Kids outdoor playground FBC Dublin

Our Focus

Our classes will focus on instruction centered around Christian values that will help encourage the children to grow into

responsible and educated adults. This will include daily prayer, weekly chapel, curriculum appropriate to where students are developmentally, social responsibility, dramatic play, outdoor free play, music, Ten Commandments curriculum, Bible story themed lessons, and much more! 

Loving, Diligent Staff


Open Year-Round
Home-Cooked Meals

Want to get involved?

We appreciate your help! 

And we have a ton of opportunities for parent involvement:

  • Classroom Holiday Parties

  • Easter Egg Hunt

  • Annual Parent Orientation

  • Christmas Program

Send a message to let us know how you want to be involved!

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