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The 4 "R's" of Relationships

It’s been said that the 3 “R’s” of school are: “readin’, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic.” I’m almost certain that is not true anymore. But there are 4 “R’s” in our flourishing relationships with God and others: We will study them this April. Don’t miss a single Sunday!

Resurrection Day – April 5. Come gather with all of God’s people to celebrate the Resurrection!

Repentance – April 12 Without repentance you cannot enter the Kingdom of God! (See Luke 13:3; and 2 Peter 3:9!)

Restoration – April 19 Do you realize God wants you fully “restored” in all aspects of life?

Reconciliation – April 26 The goal of relationships is harmony and the cessation of conflict!


Don’t forget UPWARD SPORTS! The Kickoff for our Soccer league is in late April. Please be in prayer. A number of children have already signed up. See Melissa Anderson for more details.

Day Care Center – Our team has worked diligently on the plans for this upcoming ministry. It will soon become a reality. Continue to pray as God opens doors for this opportunity in our community.

Last notes:

Spring Forward is the designated phrase for Daylight Savings Time. We have sprung into Spring and we thank God for the abundant rain He has showered upon us. The days are getting longer and the nights shorter. It has reminded me of a phrase I heard several years ago about the darkness and death of winter. It goes like this: “Believers should not fear death even as trees should not fear winter – Both shall live again! Spring brings the renewal of life, and hopes, and dreams. The Resurrection of Jesus brought life to a dead world. He wants to bring new life to you!

Pastor Cliff

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