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"Does God go on Vacation?"

Many might think the above question is ridiculous. God is God, why should He need a vacation? Let me remind you that God “rested” from His creative work on the seventh day. God even set a 50 year jubilee after 7 X 7 years so the land could rest and debts could be forgiven. Now, we know God doesn’t’ need to “rest” or even “vacate” as humans do, but God did set a precedent for us by “ceasing” from his creative activity for a day. Of course this doesn’t mean God can’t be called upon or that He’s unavailable during His “rest” period. He never sleeps!

One thing is for sure. God doesn’t “vacate” from His children (His church). But let me ask you this… Do you vacate from God? When you take a vacation – do you “cease” your relationship with Him for a few days, a week, etc.?

For many of us a vacation is a “get away.” We are getting away from work, or our community, or even people! There are times when this is necessary for a “recharging” or a “retooling” or a “refocus” period. Sometimes we just get bogged down with all of the routines and necessary issues of every day life and the stress can only be released by leaving. Is there joy in these things? There should be, but they do take a toll.

I’m assuming that most of you will try to “get away” this summer. This is good.What is not good is getting away from your responsibilities and commitments. When you go on vacation you make sure someone looks after your home, your pets, your lawn, your kids, etc. You don’t just leave things as they are and hope they are OK when you return. The same is true of your spiritual commitments. Don’t take a vacation from God – He doesn’t vacate from you!

I’m not writing particularly about money and giving to the church, but I will say this. When you take the money which belongs to God away from Him and do not give when you are “vacating” then missionaries suffer, the propagation of the gospel suffers, the physical plant where we meet as a church weekly suffers (It’s during the summer when our utility bills are the highest), and ministries we support suffer. Not only that, when you are gone, who takes your place? Do you tell your spiritual family when you will be gone? Of course, we serve out of love, not obligation – but that doesn’t release us from commitments and responsibilities we made ourselves!

Being a disciple of Jesus is a 24-hour job. We never stop following, even when we vacate. God didn’t just turn around and neglect His creation on the Sabbath. In fact, Jesus did some of his best “work” … YES, WORK… on the Sabbath.

So, would you keep your spiritual commitments this summer when you go on vacation? The summer for the church is usually the greatest emphasis on evangelism events for children and youth (VACATION Bible School and Youth Camp 220).Your example would pay great dividends for others!

- Pastor Cliff

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