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Change is inevitable…

Here’s what is happening this Sunday…

  • Bible Study for all ages at 9:15. All adults with the exception of those teaching in the children’s area will meet in the Fellowship Hall. Wilma Earles will continue teaching her class. Mike Jurney will be teaching all of the adults and youth.

  • Make sure you turn your clock BACK one hour on Saturday night. Make plans to be here at 9:15 – we will have refreshments!

  • Deacon ordination worship service at 10:30. Pete Anderson, Nickey Jones, David Fritts, and Tommy Watson will be ordained as deacons during the service. Please come and honor these men who have already demonstrated their love for Jesus and His church through their service. THIS WILL BE A VERY INSPIRING AND MOVING SERVICE – DON’T MISS IT!

Operation Christmas Child… You have the opportunity to not only give a child a Christmas present, but also hope for their lives through Jesus Christ. Would you make a commitment to fill a shoebox for a needy child? Specific information will be in Sunday morning’s worship folder.

Change is in the air. Yes, the weather is changing. The church is changing. No, we haven’t changed doctrine. The Bible doesn’t change, but just as our bodies change, so does the “body” of Christ. The changes are necessary to bring life, to bring renewal, to bring revival. The church does not and should not adapt to the culture, but rather connect with it in order to help it. We are to be “salt” and “light” into a Christless culture. Almost forty years ago a paradigm shift took place in our culture, the church (the church in general…ie all churches) has been reeling since. The church began addressing and engaging that change probably about a decade after and we are still trying to catch up. We are not changing because we want change. We are changing because we must. Where are you in all of this change? There are some who accept it. There are some who resist it. There are some who deny it. There are some who do not approve of it. Wherever your thinking is…change is coming…it is inevitable. It is necessary. We will be opening a Day Care center soon. We are going to have to meet the needs of the homeless and the jobless. We are going to have to address fractured families. The ethnicity of our community has changed. We will have to change to deal with this. Are you ready? It’s time for change.

Pastor Cliff

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