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"He Makes All Things New"

Spring has sprung. When we experience this time of year, we realize that creation has a way of being renewed. The darkness of winter is over and now new life begins.

It reminds me of this quote, “Christians should no more fear death than trees fear winter… both shall live again!”

And at the beginning of this season comes the celebration of the cross – the crucifixion and the resurrection. WHY – THE CROSS? Couldn’t God consider a different way of repairing the breach between Him and us?

Although there are many reasons why the cross was necessary, allow me to share just one…

Perhaps the most popular answer to the question of “why did Jesus have to die on the cross?” would be, “to pay (die) for our sins.” But then, why would an innocent man have to die for the guilty? The answer… appeasement…satisfaction…!

What do you mean, Cliff? I’ve noticed that when someone invents something or creates something…if that something breaks or deteriorates, then the person who invented it or created it usually is the logical person who can be called on to repair it. The same is true of this universe… Something is broken. When you have trouble in a relationship… it is broken. When you get angry…something is broken. When you are depressed…something is broken. When you experience a tragedy…something is broken. Life itself is broken. Most of us go through life expecting all this brokenness, but that is not what God originally intended it to be.

How is broken life repaired? Simple. The One who made life and all that comes with it is the One Who can repair it. Yet, there is a cost involved in the repair. This restoration of life comes with a price. It is a cosmic rationale. This “repair” is sometimes referred to as the “Satisfaction Theory.” It has two parts. First, sin (which is the cause of all brokenness) must be dealt with (punished). Second, the punishment for sin “satisfies” the One who was offended. In other words, the debt of sin is paid off.

There is no human who has ever lived who can pay this debt. Why? Because, the payment must be paid by someone who has never been broken. Let me explain it this way. If you skin your knee from a fall, you will bandage the wound with a new bandage which is antiseptically clean. You would never bandage a wound with a dirty or used bandage. Why? Because it would delay and might even prevent healing. A sinful man cannot pay for his own sin.

Thus, the reason for the cross. The Creator paid the debt. The Creator reconciled the breach. Now, this only takes affect when a person puts their total reliance on the One who does this. When you do put your trust in Him – He makes all things NEW! If everyone looked to the cross – just for this reason – the brokenness of life would end.

Pastor Cliff

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