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God's Plan for Saving the World

It is amazing to watch world leaders and see the life-changing decisions they make everyday. Throughout history there have been good leaders and bad leaders. My definition of “good” and “bad” are relegated and defined as to moral, spiritual, & ethical “goodness” and “badness.” I’m not referring to those who have incredible leadership capabilities, but are morally, spiritually, and ethically evil. It isn’t the culture which defines “evil” or even what is “good.” Kingdoms and nations come and go. We sometimes get stuck in our own time warp thinking that the whole realm of the world revolves around our time – but it doesn’t.

Even today, leaders (and those that follow them) seem to only have a superficial grasp of history. How can I say that? Because most world leaders make the same mistakes and the same decisions leaders have made in past history which have resulted in disaster rather than good. History teaches us valuable lessons during our own lifetime if we are willing to learn them. The cliché is true: History does indeed repeat itself, due to the fact that we are ignorant of it.

While Scripture is not a history book, it contains history. The history that is recorded in its pages is accurate. Archaeological excavations and discoveries have confirmed the veracity of the history in Scripture. Perhaps the most notorious of historical events is the empty tomb and the large stone blasted from its entrance. This event is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In addition, over 500 people witnessed the resurrected Christ.

Jesus told the Pharisees that even the rocks will cry out… so they do.

Why is this important for you?

God has worked through man’s history for one purpose only – to save him. That’s why it’s important to study it.

In the next few weeks leading up to Easter, we will be exploring the “How’s, Why’s, When’s and What’s concerning God’s plan for saving you and the rest of the world. It starts in the past – the very long ago past with prophecies – which have come to pass even before our life came to be.

While this article will come out after the first look, you will be able to draw from the other sermons the essence of How God Saved the World and Why! Would you make it a plan to attend every Sunday in April to hear this good news FOR YOU? There are 5 Sundays in April. Surely, nothing is more important than worshipping the God who has planned eternity for you. Don’t you think?

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